Care professionalsOrder home care products for your client. Quick and easy.


Order everywhere: with your client, in your practice or in the evenings whilst on the couch.


A product is ordered within minutes, leaving you with more time for your client.

A wide range of products

A variety of care products from different suppliers. From a wheelchair to bandages.


You can order 24/7 and wherever it suits you best. No more waiting in line over the phone, leaving you with more time for your clients.


You do the ordering and leave the rest to your client and the carer. For instance, the pick-up of a care product like a hospital bed.


Quickly order the different maternity products for your pregnant client. Whether ordering via the app or website, the bed risers are ordered within minutes.

No more extra phone calls

Arrange everything online and thus save time! The same goes for rush orders, these are submitted within minutes.


Duxxie teams up with you! We aim to reduce paperwork and phone calls so that you’re left with more time for your clients.

What others say about Duxxie

Marieke de Reus, ergotherapist Sensire

You can send a confirmation of the order to the client’s family or caregiver. That way, everyone is up-to-date. So handy!

Henriette Oerlemans, nurse level 4, ZuidZorg

Ordering via Duxxie is easier than

Charlotte Hemeltjen-Snoeijink, maternity nurse Naviva Kraamzorg

Duxxie works perfectly. It’s easy to order maternity products from and it is well organized and designed.

Anja Huitenga, care consultant Careyn Kraamzorg

Duxxie works like a charm. It’s really quick! You can easily choose the size of the bed risers you need and request a desired delivery date. It’s about as easy as it gets.

Marie-José Spijkers, Thebe district nurse:

It's great to be able to check things of my checklist without spending a lot of time on the phone.