Care equipment

AllweCare medical B.V represents a large number of home care equipment around wound care, scar care, stoma care, anti-decubitus care and other care equipment, mainly in the Dutch market.

Support stocking service

Employees of Betsy help clients to pull on stockings when they cannot do this independently. The company Betsy works with independent teams as close as possible to the clients in the neighborhood. For example, the stockings can be pulled on and off at the client's preferred time. We work closely with home care organizations from the neighborhood.

Medical products

Different diseases can have a big impact on your daily life. However, you may be able to get back on your feet with the right home care equipment and medical advice. Bosman can offer you help. We deliver medical home care equipment, support and advice to people with a stoma, a wounds, diabetes and urological problems. We deliver to medical clinics, institutions and professionals. After all, we have a shared goal: to make sure you receive the best care as possible.

Thrombosis self-care

Are you a thrombosis patient and taking an anticoagulant? To reach the desired effect of anticoagulants, the thrombosis service measures the clotting time of the blood: the INR level. The National Thrombosis Service has made it possible to measure this INR level yourself by simply pricking your finger. We aim to enhance the therapeutic effect of anticoagulants with you together.

Client support at home

We develop healthcare innovations that help vulnerable people live happily and independently for as long as possible. FocusCura collaborates with professionals to improve health care and to make this care available to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Arch supports

With Fusselastic you can walk as usual.


Handicare was founded in 1886 and offers a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs: stairlifts. The stairlifts can be bought as well as rented and new as well as used. Handicare offers fair prices and delivery is possible within a week's time.

Home care equipment

Hulpmedi specializes in delivering all kinds of home care equipment to make living at home longer easier and more pleasant . You can either buy or rent these products. Besides selling home care equipment we also advise people on how to adjust their homes to be able to live at home longer or somewhat more independently.

Home care products

Incontinence, it is more common than you migh think. offers the best solution by providing customized advice and quality products. supplies (A-brand) draining and absorbent incontinence material at home. Obviously with complete service: from easy ordering, to care advice and handling with the health insurer.

Home care products

The advanced range of Joerns Healthcare always offers the right solution - even in complex situations. National deliveries and service are carried out by Joerns Healthcare.

Orthopedic specialist

At Livit we believe that everyone deserves to be able to move freely. We want to facilitate mobility for those whom it may no longer be available to. With our orthopedic knowledge, expertise and home care equipment we can come up with ideas together and help you out. We aim to come up with a solution that makes you move more freely again. Of course we'll do anything to achieve this.

Client support

Mantelaar links medical and para-medical students to the elderly for care and companionship.

Respiratory care

Medidis is a nationally operating medical facility company specializing in lung diseases. For home care, Medidis supplies equipment for oxygen, atomization, PEP, mucous suction equipment and CPAP.

Client support

Medimaat offers expert guidance regarding trips to the doctor. Our medical students team up with your client to make sure appointments go smoothly and help understand the information provided by the doctor.

Home care products

MediPlus Hulpmiddelen is the address for lending, renting and selling (medical) home care products. At MediPlus you as a customer are central. You always get a consultant on the telephone who will be happy to assist you.

Home care products

Medipoint is the biggest supplier of home care and health products in The Netherlands. Whether it concerns advice, rental, borrowing or buying: Medipoint can help you out. We are approachable and personal and take time to find a solution for you.

Home care products

MHG specializes in supplying high-quality care equipment for healthcare in the southwest of the Netherlands. We are your regional partner. A total counter for buyers, where we offer the possibility to switch centrally with various selected and reliable partners. Thus, there is a single point of contact for daily needs in a healthcare institution.

Home care products

Schmidt Medica is already more than 30 years leading specialist in the field of medical care equipment.

Client support

Sensare develops, produces and sells smart lifestyle monitoring systems for senior citizens. The Sensara HomeCare system gives the family peace of mind regarding health and safety and supports the care professionals as well.

Visual aids aims to improve quality of life for blind and visually impaired people. We have gained our knowledge through years of experience, continuous development of innovative visual aids and through our many connections. Therefore we are able to launch strong visuals aids on the market.

Medical nutrition

Sorgente believes in the healing powers of nutrition and its mission is to help people with a variety of conditions and illnesses by providing medical nutrition therapy. Medical nutrition can help with the recovery from an illness, prevent complications and improve the quality of life. Sorgente was founded in 1997 by three dedicated dietitians who are still in charge of the company today. Sorgente is the only company in the Netherlands that is completely specialized in medical nutrition.


Our vision is to make the lives of people who need care and those who provide care easier. We do this with innovative solutions such as our special care beds. With these special care beds, people can stay at home longer, more pleasantly and more independently and care providers can be relieved both physically and mentally. We deliver to private individuals (possibly with the help of the health insurer), to healthcare institutions and also to hospitals. As an involved specialist we are always there for them!

Home care products

According to seating specialist Mark Schorfhaar of, sitting must be "relaxing and not working"! That is why he is happy to advise you on a beautiful custom-made standing chair. He simply does the advice and fitting at your home. Nice and easy and quiet. And so you can immediately see how that standing chair is in your room. Moreover, you can see which color fits best with your interior. This way you will have less trouble with your back and you can sit & stand up more easily and more comfortably!

Home care products offers various care products to be able to live comfortably with sufficient freedom of movement. Our products range from walkers, wheelchairs, to aids for the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Thanks to our care products, small limitations will have a smaller impact on daily life. Because with our mobility products you are much less dependent on others.

Home care products

Van der Mark Zorghulpmiddelen is a total supplier with a complete range of medical devices that support mobility, transfer and sanitation problems.

Home care products

Vegro is the expertise center in tools for (self-) care in the Netherlands. Our specialists are happy to help you with free advice and our experienced colleagues take care of your medical equipment regardless of which health insurer you are insured with. We are at your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; throughout the Netherlands.

Client support at home

Virtuele Thuiszorg combines visual contact with up to-date-data from smart wearables to enable personal monitoring. This ensures people to remain living at home in a more independent and safer way. Moreover, we aim to activate and enhance the social network of the client to relieve and unburden the carer.


Education, training and customized advice for all parties in the healthcare sector. With a specialization in medical device care and knowledge of current processes, the Care Plan specialists smoothly guide organizations and care professionals through the maze of laws and regulations.

Client support at home

ZorgServicePunt+ is a national independent service provider that provides healthcare organizations and unburdens consumers when it comes to delivery and services around personal alarms, dwelling access, lifestyle monitoring, image communication and other healthcare essentials extramural care.