Do it yourself: blood test

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Manage your own time efficiently

Measure your blood in your own time, even on holiday

Quick and easy

Prick your finger and upload the INR level

Professional guidance

You will receive a dosage scheme from the medical team

How does it work?

Learn more about thrombosis, the measuring device and the measuring itself through an online course. Complete the course by taking a test.
You will receive a measuring device in loan. The device is accurate and easy to use.
Drip a small drop of blood onto the measuring device. Then measure your INR level with the device and receive the result within a minute. Upload this INR level to your secure online record.
You will receive a dosage scheme and - if necessary - personal advice from the medical team in your secure online record.

Health insurance coverage

Basic insurance
Excess fee
Monetary contribution

Experiences from others

Loes van Dijk

The thrombosis service in our village is usually very busy and there’s always a queue. Measuring blood clotting yourself is easy and saves you a lot of time.

Thijs Meijer

We’re outdoorsy people and love to take off in our campervan. I’ve now regained the freedom to leave whenever I want to. Great!

Anton Ophem

I used to enjoy the walk to get my blood tested, but after a while it became a hassle. Therefore, thrombosis self-care is a very convenient solution.

Johan Vertelman

I’m a truck driver and it is therefore difficult to plan in visits to the Thrombosis service. For me, the biggest advantage of thrombosis self-care is that I am not time-bound.

Antoinette Ottevanger-Emmers

I think it’s such a relief that I no longer have to leave the house to get my blood tested.